Benefits of a Passive Home

A passive home is cost-effective, healthy, environmentally-friendly and comfortable. It is designed to use natural and sustainable resources for energy. And is a solid investment that saves money over the long term. What’s not to love, right? But if you’re still on the fence about taking the leap towards building passive, here are some benefits of passive homes to help you decide.

1. Steady temperatures all year round

Passive homes are highly insulated which allows them to provide internal thermal comfort by separating the heat from inside the house with the cool air outside, giving you a constant temperature throughout the year with minimal heating and cooling requirements.

2. Energy-saving

Passive Home allow energy saving of up to 90% compared to the typical traditionally-built home. It was provides a saving of over 75% when compared with average new best-practice-built houses.

The size of the windows should also be appropriate given each wall orientation, to allow for solar radiation during the winter and minimal amounts during summer. This saves energy on heating and cooling.

3. Cleaner air

A mechanical ventilation unit effectively recovers hot or cold air leaving the home, and uses that heat to pre-warm or cool the air coming from the outside (depending on the season). It also filters incoming air so you breathe in fewer pollutants and allergens. Essentially, you live in a healthier indoor environment.

4. Airtightness

Passive homes have a sealed cocoon with minimum cavities for leaks and air to escape. This allows the internal environment to be easily controlled, which creates a comfortable living space.