Passive Home Specialists

As temperatures rise so too do electric bills as we try to keep cool. When temperatures drop in the winter, it’s the same story. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal set up. Wouldn’t you want to live in a house that uses sustainable energy to regulate its temperature? What’s more, what if you had a home that was able to look out for your health and reduce allergy triggers, circulating clean air all the time?

How exactly would this work? Through a construction concept called a Passive Home.

A passive home is a house where the design is based on the local climate to ensure sustainable energy consumption. This means strategic placement of windows and an overall design that makes an ideal temperature achievable without additional energy such as heaters or air-conditioning.

A passive home is cost-effective, healthy, environmentally-friendly and comfortable. Throughout cool and warm months, the house’s temperature ensures maximum comfort all year round. It uses natural and sustainable resources for energy. They are a solid investment and save money over the long term. What’s not to love, right?

Ready to start on your very own passive home? You’re in the right place! Tatem are your Passive Home Specialists and we’re ready to get building.